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HPC-Europa2’s EC-funded Transnational Access programme offers European-based computational scientists the opportunity to travel to another country to work in collaboration with researchers in a similar field, while having access to some of the most powerful computers in Europe.

CSC is a partner in the HPC-Europa2 project (Pan-European Research Infrastructure on High Performance Computing) which offers the opportunity for Finnish universities to host European visiting researchers while CSC makes its supercomputers and other support available to visitors.

Finnish researchers can also apply for visits in six European countries. The call for the HPC-Europa2 project is open and applications are reviewed four times per year. Applications are submitted electronically through the project website and assessed by an international scientific panel.

The HPC-Europa2 project finances researcher visits to seven countries whose high-performance computing centers put their resources at the visitors’ disposal. The countries are Finland (CSC), Italy (CINECA), Spain (BSC), Germany (HLRS), the United Kingdom (EPCC), France (GENCI) and the Netherlands (SARA). The HPC-Europa2 project will terminate at the end of 2012. The goal of the project is to support more than one thousand visits, with 60 of those planned to be hosted by Finnish research groups.

The programme is open to researchers of any level, from PhD students to full professors, in any field of computational science which requires world-class computing facilities. As a rule, the visitor will not work in the target country’s computation center but will be hosted by a suitable academic research group. Applications always concern academic research. The researchers of universities and research institutes, for example, can apply for the exchange. Reasonable travel and accommodation costs are reimbursed by the project, which also pays a daily allowance. The maximum duration of the visit is three months and the minimum is two weeks.

Applicants must currently be working in any EU member state or Associated State (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Iceland, Israel, Liechtenstein, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey).

Read about the experiences of HPC-Europa2 research visit to Finland: HPC-EUROPA2 Newsletter Vol. 4, May 2009 (PDF)

More information:

HPC-Europa2 webpage contains general information about HPC-Europa2, including further details about all of the participating HPC centres and possible host research groups, the on-line application form and guidelines for applicants, and information about the selection procedure.

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