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Sisu, the flagship of Finnish supercomputing now in production


CSC’s new supercomputer Sisu, Cray XC30, is now in production. The inauguration of Sisu in Kajaani, Finland on the 25th of April brought together representatives of the European HPC community.

Sisu offers researchers noteworthy resources to investigate e.g. nanotechnology, fusion energy and climate change. At the second stage of the installation in 2014 Sisu's computing power will reach the petaflops class, i.e., be capable of one quadrillion floating-points operations per second.

CSC —IT Center for Science Ltd. is Finland’s national high performance computing (HPC) facility and the next-generation Cray XC30 supercomputer enables CSC to provide cost-effective supercomputing capacity for the needs of science and research across Finland. CSC is a state-owned non-profit company, which provides services for the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

”As a part of Datacenter CSC Kajaani the new supercomputer supports Ministry’s goal of Finland being in the vanguard of knowledge by the year 2020. The Finnish researchers will have access to a state-of-the-art research infrastructure that will also support the internationalisation of research,”, comments Director Riitta Maijala, Department of Higher Education and Science Policy, from the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

One of the primary goals is to provide researchers with extremely high performance computing capability and pave their way towards new scientific innovations.

”Sisu supercomputer strengthens CSC’s role as a world class computing center,” says Managing Director Kimmo Koski from CSC.

CSC’s new supercomputer Sisu is the first Cray XC30 server in production in Europe. The processors are provided by Intel.

“CSC’s new Sisu supercomputer is one of the first European installations of the newest Cray supercomputer system, the Cray XC30, and we are very honoured that researchers and scientists from all over Finland as well as Europe will now be able to apply Sisu’s innovative HPC technologies towards achieving significant scientific breakthroughs,” says Ulla Thiel, Cray vice president, Europe..

“Today’s inauguration of the new Cray XC30 supercomputer Sisu is an exciting moment for Intel and more importantly, the Finnish and European research community, which will be able to take advantage of the computational resources of the Cray supercomputer powered by Intel’s processors,” said Jörgen Forsberg, Nordic Enterprise Sales Director, Intel. “We are proud to celebrate the inauguration of one of the first Cray XC30 supercomputers with Intel Inside in production use in Europe, and look forward to the breakthrough innovations and discoveries researchers can achieve with Sisu.”

More information:

Camilla Törnblom, Intel Nordics
Tel. +46 8 5946 1729 or +46 768 881 729

Nick Davis, Public Relations Manager, Cray
Tel. +1 206 701 2123

Janne Ignatius, Director, Computing Services , CSC
Tel. +358 9 457 2224

Photo of the Sisu supercomputer can be downloaded from CSC website at 17:00 (EEST, UTC/GMT+3):

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