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Datacenter CSC Kajaani

CSC's Data Center is located in an old paper warehouse. CSC's Data Center is located in an old paper warehouse.
CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd. is building one of the most eco-efficient datacenters in the world. The location is Kajaani, in Northern Finland. Datacenter CSC Kajaani is a proven solution based on technology, modern, reliable infrastructure and ecological efficiency for data needs in research and development in public and private sector. The Funet Network (Finnish University and Research Network) ensures excellent networking capabilities around the world.

Modular datacenter is easy to expand

CSC’s modular datacenter is built in the Renforsin Ranta business area. For the needs of CSC’s modular datacenter a 3,000 m2 area is reserved, in which the capacity of the first lot will be enough for thousands of servers and available power for the first phase will be 2MW.

Datacenter CSC Kajaani was in production use in 2012. CSC's new supercomputer and other CSC’s customer systems are placed in Kajaani. The datacenter is easy to be expanded in the future.

Cost-efficient solution – sustainable and green energy supply

CSC's datacenter aims for a near zero carbon footprint during its operational lifetime. The chosen technique is both eco- and cost-effective solution. Servers are cooled down with outside air and the primary means of electric power is hydropower-generated energy. The annual energy efficiency of the datacenter (PUE, Power Usage Efficiency) is estimated to be 1,15. PUE defines the ratio between the total energy consumption in datacenter servers and the energy consumed.

Additional information:

Tero Tuononen
Director, ICT Platforms
tel. +358 50 381 9993

Jukka-Pekka Partanen
Development Manager, Datacenter CSC Kajaani
tel. +358 40 544 3501

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