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Elmer executables on different platforms

Elmer binaries are available for a number of platforms. With the exception of Windows it is recommended that the binaries are compiled from the sources to obtain the latest features and optimal performance. Here are the compiling instructions. For ElmerGUI look at the instructions in the elmergui directory of the source code.

Windows binaries

Fresh Elmer binaries are available from sourceforge:

There are number of different versions: more or less complete 32-bit installer and 32-bit zip package, and 64-bit zip package and quite obsolite parallel package. For the normal user the 32-bit installer is probably the best choice. For more details look at the Readme files on sourceforge.

Binaries on other platforms

Elmer is kindly provided in a number of 3rd part distributions. Some of these are not quite up to date. The known distributions are listed under Links / 3rd party Elmer distributions.