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OpenFOAM is numerical library for Continuum Mechanics simulations. Written in C++ and using an object-oriented approach, OpenFOAM provides a flexible simulation platform by mimicking the form of partial differential equations in software. The library provides extensive capabilities in pre-configured solvers, utilities and libraries, with massive parallelism in a domain decomposition model. OpenFOAM is freely available and open source, licensed under the GNU General Public Licence. For more information about OpenFOAM, see the OpenFOAM home page by OpenCFD Ltd.

OPENFOAM is registered trademark of OpenCFD Ltd.

Current version and installations

Current version of OpenFOAM is 2.2 and it is available at CSC on Sisu, Taito and Hippu servers. Previous versions are also available on the servers.

Initialization of OpenFOAM

An environment for OpenFOAM usage can be created by following the instruction given here.

How to get started

User should read the manual available on OpenFOAM home page (see over).  These manuals include all required information for the start, such as tutorials.

For to test the OpenFOAM environment on Hippu, one may run the Lid-driven cavity flow tutorial (see the OpenFOAM User Guide) following these instructions.

Compiling your own solver

Instructions for how to create an own solver by modifying an existing solver, are given here.

Running OpenFOAM in batch mode

Full instructions for usage of CSC's computing servers, including detailed information about the batch job executions, are available in here. An important notice! Hippu server is dedicated to interactive jobs, and no batch job environment exist.

Examples of running OpenFOAM cavity tutorial in sequential and parallel mode are available here.

OpenFOAM scalability on Sisu (Cray XC) and Louhi (Cray XT) servers

Scalability results are seen here.