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Most of the services are free for academic researchers in Finland, but require a user account (also in Finnish) at CSC.

Overview: Quick introduction to services useful for chemists.

Programs: A wide selection of chemistry programs is available and supported.

Databases: Both local and remote database services are provided.

Courses and events: We organize courses and events at CSC and elsewhere.

Guidebooks can be downloaded as PDF.

Chemistry@CSC Uutiskirje: Newsletter about our services. So far only in Finnish.

  • Runeberg Nino
  • Senior Applications Specialist
  • Phone: +358 9 457 2733
  • e-mail: Nino.Runeberg at
  • Sillanpää Atte
  • Senior Applications Specialist
  • Phone: +358 9 457 2250
  • e-mail: Atte.Sillanpaa at