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GIS@CSC news 3/2012

PaITuli new data

To PaITuli service some new datasets have been added:
  • National Land Survey's older (1996-2008) ortho images in KKJ coordinate system. To see the index map in PaITuli service select first "MML, ortokuva, värilliset tai musta-valkoiset" and then that coordinate system is "KKJ". The images are colorful, in gray scale or infrared.
  • NLS's administrative borders for years 2011 and 2012 in scale 1:10 000.
  • SLICES 2000 vector data.
  • All datasets from National Board of Antiquities (Museovirasto) have been updated.

PaITuli slides

On PaITuli homepage there is now available a slide-set of PaITuli service for PowerPoint. The slides cover first PaITuli in general and then go through most of the available datasets. At the end there are also some slides with links to other GIS data sources. The slides may be used for getting to know the PaITuli service or also for telling others (for example students) about it.

ArcGIS 10.1 version update

Later this spring ArcGIS 10.1 will be published. The new features are described in more detail here.

The ArcGIS license server at CSC will then be updated to the new version. According to ESRI Finland support the version update is not possible for VBA licenses, but users of ArcGIS 9.x and ArcGIS Workstation can use also the updated license server.

Geoinformatics research day

Fiuginet in collaboration with CSC and INSPIRE network is organizing Geoinformatics research day on 17.4.2012 in Kumpula, Helsinki. There will be presentations about current GIS research projects in Finnish universities, news from National Land Survey and in the afternoon some more technical tips. The day will end with a poster session. The main language will be Finnish, but some of the presentations will be in English.

The program is available here and you can register here until 11.4.2012. Welcome!

National Land Survey's plans for 2013

NLS has published areas which will be laser scanned or ortho imaged in 2012.


Coming events

Training calendar


  • 24.-25.4.2012 MapInfo Professional 11.0 jaktokurssi: Paikkatietojen analysointi, Karttakeskus, Helsinki
  • 7.-8.5.2012 MapInfo Professional 11.0 peruskurssi, Karttakeskus, Helsinki
  • 22.–23.5..2012 MapInfo Professional: Perusteet haltuun, SITO, Espoo.
  • 22.-23.5.2012 Mapinfon peruskurssi, Tampereen kesäyliopisto, Tampere
  • 24.–25.5.2012 MapInfo Professional: Jatkokurssi, SITO, Espoo.
  • 7.6. ja 12.6.2012 Mapinfon jatkokurssi, Tampereen kesäyliopisto, Tampere

Laserkeilaus ja TerraSolid

Ek Kylli kylli.ek at csc.fi