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GIS@CSC news 4/2012

PaITuli new data

To PaITuli service some new datasets have been added:
  • Finnish Meteorological Institute's monthly statistics about average temperature and precipitation for years 1961-2011. The daily statistics for years 2009-2011 will also be added soon.
  • From Finnish environmental administration 7 new datasets have been added: lake depth, observed flood areas, flood risk areas, flood risk likelihood zones, urban regions (YKR), valuable moraine formations, bathing waters according to EU bathing water directive.
  • To National Land Survey's ortho images last small additions were made. Now imagery is available for almost all Finland. The biggest uncovered area is north of Muonio in Lapland. Please note, that some minor areas are available only as infrared images.

The MapInfo Professional Journal

Pitney  Bowes Software has started publishing “The MapInfo Professional” e-magazine. It is meant for all MapInfo users and provides useful tips and information from PBS's experts to the end-users. The first issue is available here and the subscription page is here.

QuantumGIS and GRASS courses 23-25.5.2012

CSC in cooperation with GISMood is organizing open source GIS courses that are particularly meant for academic users. During the first two days the focus is on QuantumGIS and on the third day on GRASS. The courses are at introductory level, so previous knowledge of QGIS or GRASS is not needed, but previous knowledge of GIS in general is an advantage. The courses will take place 23.-25.5.2012 in CSC's classroom in Espoo. The registration is open until 9.5. Additional information is available here.

Geoinformatics research day 17.4.2012

Fiuginet in collaboration with CSC and INSPIRE network organized Geoinformatics research day on 17.4.2012 in Kumpula, Helsinki. There were presentations about current GIS research projects in Finnish universities, news from National Land Survey and in the afternoon some more technical tips. The research day was a success with about 70 participants. Based on the positive feedback the goal is now to make this kind of event to a tradition.

The program is available here and all presentation slides will soon be published on Fiuginet's homepage.

Using CSC's supercomputers

One topic that came up during geoinformatics research day was heavy GIS computations. CSC provides Finnish universities also computing services on supercomputers. So far these possibilities have been used minimally for GIS related computations. The only applications have been related to glacier and climate modelling. For spatial computing likely the most suitable server is Hippu. All supercomputers have Linux as operating system, so using ArcGIS or MapInfo desktop software is not possible, because they are available only for Windows. The use of supercomputers is open and free of charge for all scientists from Finnish universities, so if you are interested, please contact Seppo Jänkälä.

Coming events

Training calendar


  • 24.-25.4.2012 MapInfo Professional 11.0 jaktokurssi: Paikkatietojen analysointi, Karttakeskus, Helsinki
  • 7.-8.5.2012 MapInfo Professional 11.0 peruskurssi, Karttakeskus, Helsinki
  • 22.–23.5..2012 MapInfo Professional: Perusteet haltuun, SITO, Espoo.
  • 22.-23.5.2012 Mapinfon peruskurssi, Tampereen kesäyliopisto, Tampere
  • 24.–25.5.2012 MapInfo Professional: Jatkokurssi, SITO, Espoo.
  • 7.6. ja 12.6.2012 Mapinfon jatkokurssi, Tampereen kesäyliopisto, Tampere

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