Customer Pulse launched in June – thanks for the feedback!

In late June, CSC introduced a new type of customer satisfaction survey ­– Customer Pulse.  This survey gives customers the chance to evaluate our customer service immediately after a service situation.

Customers can assess the speed and friendliness of the service they have just experienced, and also the usefulness of the answer received. One of the questions is a Net Promoter Score (NPS), which measures how willing respondents would be to recommend CSC's services to their colleagues.

Over 650 of our customers have been asked to take the survey to date, and about one in five of those responded during July–September.

Figure: The Customer Pulse survey asked for opinions on the usefulness, speed and friendliness of the service received. Responses were given on a scale of 0–4, in which 0 = completely disagree and 4 = completely agree. The NPS was calculated with the aid of a formula in which the maximum number of points obtainable was 100 and the minimum 0.

During the review period, three out of four survey respondents would be willing to recommended CSC's services to their colleagues (an average net promoter score of 77).  This can be considered an excellent result.

Respondents praised our customer service for its friendliness, efficiency and speed in particular. Customers felt that they received useful answers that resolved their issues.

We have also received constructive feedback and suggested improvements through Customer Pulse. We read all feedback and use this information to, for example, develop our website. Guidelines on the CSC website are also being improved on the basis of feedback.

We'd like to thank everyone who has responded to our survey, as customer satisfaction is very important to us.

Further information:

Pekka Räsänen
Customer Manager, Higher education institutions
tel. +358 (0)50 321 5405

Marita Pajulahti
Development Manager, Customer, project and contract administration
tel. +358 (0)50 453 4055