null Compleap – A learner centered digital ecosystem of competence development

Funding source: EC, DG Connect

Project duration: 1.12.2017 – 30.11.2019

Project website:


What are we doing:

Compleap is an EU-funded project that aims to empower the citizen to better control their competence development. This is done by creating an architecture framework and three prototypes that support the planning of individuals own learner pathway for professional development. Working from an European wide perspective we aim to see the challenges and positive innovations in the process of competence development.

Compleap approaches competence development as a lifelong process. Lifelong learning enhances individuals adaptability and flexibility to train and retrain, enabling individuals to answer to changing labor market needs.

During this two-year project, started in December 2017, Compleap builds a learner-centered ecosystem of digital services around the development of skills and competences to better match competence supply and demand. This serves individual citizens, employers and decision-makers.


  • increased understanding of choices in individual's own learner pathway
  • increased awareness of one's competences
  • developing competences understood as a lifelong process
  • better support in competence development for people with different needs – NEET's, migrants, people looking to change their profession
  • better tools to combat European-wide competence mismatch

CSC is the coordinator of the Compleap project. Compleap gathers partners from many different European countries, with the main partners coming from Finland and the Netherlands. Compleap team consists of CSC, Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI), Gradia, University of Oulu and Diest Uievoering Onderwjisn (DUO).
Compleap aims to harness the expertise of different stakeholders to truly match the identified needs of competence development. Interested partners can take part in the stakeholder seminars held in April and June 2018 and become part of reference groups, that guide the development of Compleap's prototypes. Compleap also welcomes new associate partners to join the growing network. To know more, please visit!