CSC joins the Open Preservation Foundation

CSC has become a member of the Open Preservation Foundation (OPF) . Membership in the OPF opens the door to discussion with numerous European digital preservation service providers and enhances the degree of cooperation between international actors. OPF membership raises the profile of national digital preservation services at both the national and international level.

OPF is an international, nonprofit organization that offers shared solutions for effective and efficient digital preservation in cooperation with member organizations.

OPF creates, maintains and develops open source digital preservation tools. This set of tools, including software and standards, enables organizations to evaluate, validate, document and mitigate risk as well as process digital content to be preserved in line with desired policies and best practices.

National digital preservation services owned by the Ministry of Education and Culture and provided by CSC, i.e. Digital Preservation Service for Cultural Heritage and Digital Preservation Service for Research Data, are largely based on open-source programs, many of which are maintained by OPF. As a member of OPF, CSC will be better able to influence the development and maintenance of key components for national digital preservation services as well as the direction OPF continues the development of its software components. Membership in OPF also facilitates the development of expertise related to digital preservation with support from an international community significantly better than without an influential international network.

– By actively influencing and participating in the development of tools, we also bring the stability needed in national operations, explains Development Manager Kimmo Koivunen of CSC.

– OPF is doing important work in maintaining and developing open source solutions for digital preservation. We see these shared solutions as a key element in our efforts to produce national digital preservation services for cultural heritage and research data. We are looking forward to collaborative efforts in the future that will develop new preservation methods, models or tools for the digital preservation community.

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