CSC to implement Municipal Finance Information Service

The State Treasury has launched the Municipal Finance Information Service project as part of its 2016 performance agreement with the Ministry of Finance.

The State Treasury has been tasked with reporting on public finances, and is also the authority responsible for financial statement data and interoperability services.

The following information systems will be implemented as part of the Municipal Finance Information Service project:

  • The Municipal Finance Register Service will contain the financial data supplied by municipalities and regions to the state administration. This information can be accessed through an open data interface.
  • The Reporting Support Service will contain glossaries, code sets, application profiles, concept maps and validation rules for municipalities, regions and public finances, including their associated guidelines. This package will also include a code set service for municipal public finance data, and supporting data that is either held in the system or fetched from external systems.
  • The Municipal Finance Reporting Service will enable the reporting and analysis of data that supports financial and other activities. In the future, the information contained in such reports will be made accessible to all citizens in accordance with open data principles.

As a whole, the Municipal Finance Information Service covers municipalities, joint municipal authorities, municipal enterprises and other net units, regions, and regional service institutions.

All of the services should be in use by 1 January 2019, and financial steering reports will become available to municipal steering committees during 2019 as municipalities and regions report their figures.

CSC will be the technical implementer of the service. The project steering group includes the State Treasury, Ministry of Finance, Tax Administration, Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities, and CSC.

More information:

Tuija Raaska
CSC, puh. 050 381 9516

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