Data analytics accelerator

Funding source: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Kainuun liitto

Project duration: 1.5.2018 – 31.4.2020


What we are doing:

Data analytics, big data and artificial intelligence are the major tools for modern companies to achieve large-scale competitive advantages. The target of this project is to speed-up the up-take of data analytics methods in regional companies and in the Kainuu region as whole. The project creates a straightforward process for companies and institutions to quickly try out the possibilities of data analytics and to launch new data driven solutions.

The project consists of data analytics pilot projects with approximately 3 companies, workshops with 10-15 companies and outreach activities for even a larger number of companies. This improves the know-how and practical experience of data analytics in the regional businesses significantly. The data-analytics accelerator provides the necessary first push for adapting new methods, which otherwise would require major investments and competence from the participant companies.

The project results in improved usage of data analytics through three channels. The deepest effect comes from pilot projects, where the data analytics capability of the participating companies can be developed on a longer term. More wider reach comes from workshops, where the work focuses on real-world questions posed by the companies and translating the concepts of data analytics into the everyday life of the participants. In addition to these results the project also runs outreach activity to educate local companies and institutions about the possibilities of data analytics and success stories from the project. The project produces quick improvements to companies' processes, but also improved understanding that benefits business development in the long run. As a result of this project, Kainuu region companies should see few new data driven product ideas or export business opportunities, as well as a large number of companies and their staff members should be able to understand how and why data analytics can bring major benefits for business. Usage of new methods updates the know-how of local workforce and opens up opportunities for new high productivity jobs. Also the regional activities of CSC and novel data analytics activities of KAMK will be strengthened significantly.