DigiCampus project Roadshow launched

In Finland, a wide range of work is being done in Ministry of Education and Culture development projects, so that higher education students all over Finland will be given learning support in digital learning environments and teaching.

One of these higher education development projects is the DigiCampus project, which was launched in 2018 and is coordinated by the University of Eastern Finland. The DigiCampus Roadshow was kicked off on Monday, 22 October. The purpose of the Roadshow is to give higher education students an opportunity to learn more about the project goals and influence its measures and developmental direction.


What is the DigiCampus project? 

The project is creating a digital cloud learning environment to provide year-round study support. In addition to this, the project is also producing a pedagogical-digital support service model and learning environment quality gauge, and developing a campus learning landscape, in which physical and digital teaching are combined to form a single, seamless entity.

The content-focused projects will create a learning ecosystem in bioeconomics and provide a year-round course offering in chemistry as well as flexible teaching for law studies. Study flexibility will also be promoted by developing the EXAM service.

CSC supports higher education development projects funded by the Ministry of Education by, for example, organising workshops and seminars, maintaining a common collaborative platform for development projects, and keeping an email list of project actors. These channels are used in cooperation between development projects and for providing information on project events.

Roadshow to visit five cities

The Roadshow will be stopping in at five cities in October and November. The first event will be held in Espoo at Aalto University on 22 October. The Roadshow will then make its way to Turku (23 October), Kuopio (9 November), Tampere (12 November) and finally Oulu (13 November).

Some parts of the events can be attended by remote connection. The Roadshow results will then be used in furthering the project's aims, and summaries of the events will be published on, for example,, the DigiCampus Facebook page and eDuuni e-work and collaborative service platform.


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