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The EMREX Network empowers individuals to control their own electronic student data and exchange it across borders, for example, in applying for studies, getting employed or recognizing a degree.
The development of the EMREX solution started as policy experimentation project of six partners from Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Italy and Poland. In 2015–2017, the project was co-financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ programme. In Finland, it was led by CSC appointed by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

In 2018, the former project countries together with new members from Europe, Australia, USA and China formed the EMREX User Group to maintain, develop and support the EMREX solution.

The initial goal of EMREX was to lower the barrier for foreign exchanges by making the processes easier. Whilst digitizing student records by placing individual at the center of data management, the EMREX project fostered interoperable environment for free flow of educational data across borders. By enhancing the availability of data and increasing business opportunities for various actors across Europe, EMREX supports European data economy. For example Norwegian employers have already implemented EMREX clients for receiving data directly into their recruitment systems, and more is to come.  

CSC offers EMREX as a service for Finnish higher education institutions, represents Finland in the EMREX network as a national contact point and is a member of the EMREX Executive Committee 2018–2020.