FIN-CLARIN Donate Speech

FIN-CLARIN Donate Speech

The FIN-CLARIN research infrastructure project focuses on developing resources, tools and training to support the national speech collection campaign Donate Speech ( to ensure its long-term impact through collaboration between industry and academia, with the Language Bank of Finland ( as their platform. The ongoing campaign in cooperation with the national broadcasting company YLE aims to collect 10 000 h of speech data from Finnish citizens during 2020-2021 from all parts of Finland.

FIN-CLARIN is a research infrastructure for Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) and is marked on the national roadmap as a very advanced mature infrastructure (Category A). FIN-CLARIN offers a high-quality service model through its online Language Bank service center, integrating common tools and resources for processing language and language-related data. Finland is a member of CLARIN ERIC ( and FIN-CLARIN offers services for the SSH field in cooperation with its national research infrastructure members and collaborators consisting of all the relevant universities as well as CSC - IT Center for Science and Kotus - Institute for the Languages of Finland.

The Donate Speech data set will be hosted and maintained at the Language Bank and communicated for industrial and academic research alike. The goal of the proposed infrastructure project is to ensure the fundamental capabilities for processing and translating everyday speech in language-centric AI applications to be communicated through the research infrastructure and further developed in cooperation with business and industry.

FIN-CLARIN improves the international competitiveness of its Finnish research groups and software industry by providing tools and data for developing innovations in AI and machine learning. As a manifestation of this, when ELG ( recently issued a call for proposals from the EU language technology industry and research organisations, Finland won 3 grants out of 10 among 110 EU competitors. All of the Finnish contenders were FIN-CLARIN members or industry collaborators.

In this RI project, FIN-CLARIN will collaborate with companies like City Digital, Code-Q, Feelingstream, Fujitsu, IBM,, Lingsoft, Onerva Hoivaviestintä, Silo.AI, Sometrik, Solita, Ääni Company, etc.



This project has received funding from the Academy of Finland.