Haka Identity Federation

One ID and password is all you need. The Haka identity federation service allows you to use several services in an easy and secure manner.

Haka is the identity federation for the Finnish higher-education and research institutions. Its 290,000 end users make it the most-used system of its kind. Haka identity federation also serves as a route to more than 160 services. Users log into Haka services over 11 million times per year.

Haka is based on a trust network. Affiliated users – students, researchers and other staff – can employ the user IDs assigned to them by their home organisations when logging into numerous services. Their user information is also exchanged in a secure manner when logging in.  Haka is connected to the other identity federations of the Nordic higher-education institutions, giving users access to services throughout the Nordic region.

The home organisation's IT service unit is responsible for user information and authentication. The user information for the services registered to Haka is obtained directly from users' home organisations.

In Haka, your privacy is protected, and information security accorded top priority.

Further information can be found in the Haka wiki.