Koski service will provide comprehensive access to data on study credits, degrees and qualifications

The national study credit, degree and qualification disclosure service (Koski) will bring together all study credits, degrees and qualifications stored in different data warehouses. Koski will make it easier for citizens to use e-services and allow the authorities to perform their duties more efficiently. The act on national study credit and, degree registers entered into force on January 1, 2018 and the new service will be fully available in 2019.

The Koski disclosure service will be based on a national education data warehouse, in which the credits and qualifications taken in basic education, general upper secondary education and vocational education will be stored. The data will be brought together using existing registers and registers to be established as part of Koski. The existing student selection and matriculation examination registers as well as the VIRTA higher education achievement register will be incorporated into the new act.

Koski service sources the details of higher education degrees and study credits from the VIRTA register. CSC is responsible for the technical system administration and development of VIRTA under a contract with the Ministry of Education and Culture. According to Helena Majamäki, VIRTA Project Manager at CSC, copies of the most important higher education study documents are kept in VIRTA.

Koski service promotes lifelong learning by supporting citizens in the choosing of the right study path, completion of the studies, finding of the right job and in the seeking of study-related benefits. It also makes the information more easily accessible and reduces the need for overlapping data transfers. Koski will also provide a basis for new services utilizing information and the use of data for the support of education system development and learning analytics.

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