null Knowledge Exchange report: The evolving landscape of Federated Research Data Infrastructures

Research and data infrastructures are developing in the direction of being more and more federated, and there is a need for better understanding of the nature and consequences of this development path.

The report 'The evolving landscape of Federated Research Data Infrastructures', coordinated and published by Knowledge Exchange, describes the current situation of federated research and data infrastructures in the six Knowledge Exchange partner countries. The report presents nine main conclusions on a variety of aspects related to federated R&D infrastructures.


This study addresses to questions such as: Which are the main drivers for federating R&D infrastructures and services? What are the expected benefits? What are the consequences for research and researchers? What challenges and issues arise when making a federated research data infrastructure function well?

The two Finnish infrastructures that were interviewed were FIN-CLARIN and Envibase initiative from SYKE – Finnish Environment Institute.

CSC is a partner of The Knowledge Exchange formed by six key national organizations within Europe tasked with developing infrastructure and services to enable the use of digital technologies to improve higher education and research.

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