Letter of support for EOSC declaration

Letter of support for EOSC declaration

CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd. supports the EOSC declaration and considers that it includes many suitable measures for the endeavor to realize the EOSC ecosystem.

CSC has been actively involved in building the European e-infrastructures for research for several years. CSC is one of the key actors in EUDAT, PRACE, RDA and EOSC Pilot. CSC supports a sustainable long-term development of research infrastructures, and finds it crucial to build upon the existing efforts, and to systematically develop also the structures for governance.

CSC believes, that Europe needs a solid ecosystem of infrastructures and services for data management and re-use. This ecosystem needs to be interoperable on all layers – legal, organizational, semantic and technical. Europe should build on existing work and leverage the achievements already reached.

In the EOSC Pilot project, CSC is responsible for the development of a governance framework for EOSC. For the success of the EOSC, the right stakeholders need to be involved and work in collaboration in its governance and overall development. The design of the EOSC needs to be stakeholder driven. The role of the member states in the development of the EOSC is crucial. A long term strategic view based on what is best for whole Europe is to be kept in mind in the next steps of EOSC development.

CSC is committed to support open science, and has already invested in pushing the EOSC agenda especially on the national and Nordic levels. Our work on the national level includes enhancing openness and improved data culture in research by means of training, as well as providing and developing open science services for the Finnish research system, extending to interoperability with existing European research infrastructures and e-infrastructures. CSC is involved in the national development program, which contains many of the same elements as presented in the EOSC declaration (i.e. FAIR principles, DMP, skills & training, interoperability, long term preservation and HPC).


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CSC actively seeks to participate in social debate and influence national and international operating preconditions that are highly significant for the company or our stakeholders.

CSC produces statements for e.g. government law proposals and various working group reports. Boosting the competitiveness of Finnish research and education is a key objective in CSC's influencing efforts.