Marine Renewable Infrastructure Network for Enhancing Technologies

Evolving from the successful EC-funded MaRINET Infrastructures Network, MaRINET2 works towards its vision of unlocking the energy potential of our oceans by ensuring the integration and enhancement of leading European research infrastructures specialising in research, development and testing of Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) systems.

ORE is an important source of clean energy that can generate economic growth and employment, increase energy security and boost competitiveness and technological innovation.  The realisation of this potential depends on the accelerated development, deployment and grid integration of reliable, efficient technologies for harvesting ORE, which in turn requires robust testing in dedicated facilities with specialised expertise.  MaRINET2 provides this platform and is pre-eminently suited to foster the next generation of ORE devices.

CSC's role is to contribute to the establishment of the data and computing infrastructure supporting MaRINET2, in close collaboration with the SeaDataCloud project.

The project facilitates international networking and collaboration opportunities of Finnish research groups in the field. FMI and SYKE are central direct project partners. The project facilitates method development in marine biology, which can then be reused by Finnish communities involved in environmental science and marine biology. The project will reinforce CSC's status as an international data hub, thereby benefiting the whole Finnish research community.