Information about millions of radio and TV programmes now freely available

The National Audiovisual Institute (KAVI) has published its radio and television database, Ritva. Descriptive data for over 8.9 million TV and radio programmes is now freely accessible.

Finland's national Radio and Television Archive (RTVA) directly stores digital broadcasts of radio and television programmes for researchers and other information seekers. All broadcasting by major Finnish channels is stored in its entirety in accordance with the plan approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Weekly samples from the remaining approximately one hundred radio and TV channels are also included.

Although statutory storage only began in 2009, the archives also contain older material, such as some TV programmes produced by YLE in 1957–2008. Metadata is linked to broadcasts from several different sources. In addition to KAVI's own listings, these sources are Finnpanel, the Venetsia programme information system, the electronic programme guide (EPG), and

Time travel with teletext

The metadata in the Ritva database was opened up to the general public on 1 December 2016. Programmes under copyright are not accessible through the online version, but are available at dozens of Ritva viewing and listening stations in seven different municipalities. You can also use the new website to look at teletext (Teksti-TV) pages from bygone years.

CSC has designed and implemented the back-end system for the radio and TV archives, and also integrated the service into the system used by the provider responsible for broadcast capture. The back-end system consists of data connections and equipment, live streaming to the server, and disk and tape storage archives. CSC is also involved in quality assurance and inspection for the recordings, and provides maintenance and upkeep services for the system.


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