Object storage – new sought after feature for cPouta

CSC releases the object storage functionality for the cPouta cloud computing platform. Object storage is one of the most sought after features in modern data storage. Object storage is an approach to addressing and manipulating data using common APIs from anywhere, instead of having data constrained to individual servers. Object storage greatly easies the management of large amounts of data.

Object storage is a cloud storage service, where you can store and retrieve data over HTTPS. The data is accessible from anywhere, inside and outside cPouta. There is also a variety of ways to share the data with others.

Object storage is usable by all cPouta customers. The new usage models is explained in detail in our user documentation.
Object storage offers plenty of different use cases. For example, researchers can share their data sets or use it as data staging platform. Web sites can host their assets there. Read more about definite advantages from cPouta blog.

CSC's cloud computing platform, cPouta offers high performance computing with superior flexibility and user experience via Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

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