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Searching for research data now easier with ETSIN service

As the research environment changes, there are also changes in the manner in which research is managed. Researchers should be able to publish and describe research data and refer to research produced by others. Research data should be extensively available and finding it should be easy, irrespective of the research field.

Etsin is a service for actors in the Finnish research system. It is based on open source software and provided by the Ministry of Education and Culture. A researcher, a research team or an organisation can use Etsin to publish information on their own datasets and make it available for wider use.

Etsin is a service provided by the Ministry of Education and Culture to actors in the Finnish research system. The service is produced by CSC – IT Center for Science.

Benefits for researchers:

  • you can use metadata to describe new research data
  • you can find new references and datasets for research
  • your data will be provided with a persistent identifier, which helps you to raise your research profile
  • you can also structure and document data for reuse
  • storing the data is easy with HAKA identification


  • Data management and analysis


  • Higher education institutions
  • Research institutes

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