You are warmly welcome to learn more about VARDA, a data warehouse for early childhood education


The data warehouse for early childhood education VARDA will be presented at the Early Childhood Education Expo in Wanha Satama, Helsinki on 6 October 2017. The VARDA data warehouse brings together data for the national planning and steering of early childhood education, such as information on the children taking part in early childhood education, the places where education is provided and the personnel.

The statutory information specified in the Act on Early Childhood Education, which is in the process of being drafted, can be transferred from the data warehouse to the parties using it in their work, such as the Ministry of Education and Culture, Regional State Administrative Agencies, Social Insurance Institution of Finland and Statistics Finland.

VARDA is being built in cooperation with providers of early childhood education, such as the municipalities, parties providing information systems for early childhood education, and the authorities. Unified information registration procedures will also be defined as part of the VARDA project and this will be on the basis of existing practices.

The implementation and the construction of the data warehouse is the responsibility of CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd, which has been contracted by the Ministry of Education and Culture to carry out the work.

In the view of Miia Hämäläinen, who started at CSC as VARDA Project Manager in September 2017, the project will be particularly useful for early childhood education actors as a tool promoting their knowledge-based management needs.

– With VARDA data warehouse, national reports can be run and comparisons between early childhood education data made. With VARDA data, education actors can also plan and steer early childhood education activities.

The contents are compiled using the national data collection practices that are being developed as part of the project. In fact, Hämäläinen sees the national research data model as an extremely important and pioneering project, which will also make early childhood education information available for other national and international data warehouses.

– Furthermore, there is an integration between the source systems and VARDA, which reduces the amount of manual work and allows data users to access up-to-date information, Hämäläinen explains.


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