Working group to prepare the establishment of a national genome centre

The Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has nominated a working group to prepare the establishment of a national genome centre. Head of ELIXIR Finland node Tommi Nyrönen from CSC has been appointed as permanent expert member of the working group.

The genome center would be responsible for e.g. creating national genome database and developing and enabling its effective use in patient treatment, research and service development. The working group will prepare a proposal concerning the genome center and the appropriate usage of genome data. Additionally, the working group provides ethical principles for using genome data and forms a proposal for national reference and variation databases and genetic test services.

The goal is that Finland becomes a forerunner and internationally distinguished partner for health care, world-class research and global business actors utilising genome data.

– It is challenging to combine different data resources in a way that helps us to understand effects of human genome on well-being or illnesses.  This challenge doesn't only concern Finland. However, we have good preconditions to success in this field internationally. Timing to prepare the establishment of the genome center in Finland is perfect", says ELIXIR Finland director Tommi Nyrönen.

Further information:

Tommi Nyrönen
Director, ELIXIR Finland

Decision on appointing the working group and news item on the Finnish government website

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