Adoption campaign accelerates implementation of the MPASSid service

Kuva: Adobe Stock

CSC is involved in accelerating the adoption of MPASSid, which is the Ministry of Education and Culture's national identification service for continual learning, and running the marketing campaign for it. In the campaign, companies that produce electronic learning materials are being challenged to get their client municipalities to join the MPASSid trust network. A cash prize is being offered to companies for every municipality they get to join the network.

Companies that produce online learning applications are also given incentives to register their services in the network. The first companies to register their services in the network will receive a Kokoa Agency Education Standard certificate. These companies will gain exposure and more users for their services: there are currently more than 200,000 end users in the network.

"We expect the campaign to reach service providers that are perhaps already familiar with the MPASSid trust network, but haven't registered their services yet. For some education providers, services compatible with MPASSid might be the deciding factor for getting them to sign on with MPASSid," explains Manne Miettinen, Project Manager at CSC.

The goal of the campaign, which will run until the end of this year, is to get 20 new services and 20 new municipalities to join the MPASSid network. There are some conditions attached to receiving the incentives, such as the requirement for services to be suitable for use in comprehensive and upper secondary schools. Services already in the network may not register and municipalities already in negotiations to join may not be recommended. The prizes go to the companies that get their client municipalities registered first, provided that the municipality signs a registration agreement.  

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Manne Miettinen 
Project Manager, CSC