Chipster analysis software

Chipster is a user-friendly bioinformatics software developed by CSC for researchers. Chipster offers a broad range of easy-to-use analysis tools for bioscience and medical science research.

Chipster client software is automatically installed on your computer by Java Web Start and it sends the analyses to CSC's computing servers.

Getting started and pricing

To use the Chipster server, you must have a CSC account. Register as a CSC customer.

Chipster software and its user support are free of charge for Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences. Academic institutions outside Finland can purchase user rights for Chipster server (EUR 500/user/year). Pricing for companies is based on service agreements, which are concluded separately with each customer.

Chipster is software with open source code. We will also supply you with a free Chipster virtual machine if you want to set up your own Chipster server.