Corporate Social Responsibility

Download CSC's Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2016 in PDF

CSC operations are guided by values which reflect its social responsibility:

  • Responsibly
  • Together
  • With care
  • Expertise

These values are enforced as the basis for sustainable operations that take account of the relationship between economic activities and ecological, social and cultural values.

CSC's values are supported by the CSC Code of Conduct, which illustrates what we mean by good business practices and healthy interaction with interest groups, society and the environment.

CSC's Board of Directors monitors the management and implementation of social responsibility as part of its agenda. During the annual meeting at which the Board considers the financial statements, it reviews the social impact of CSC's services as well as their ability to provide society with added value in accordance with the organisation's special tasks. Such an assessment feeds into the Board's decision on the distribution of bonuses to the management and personnel. The Board confirms the risk management plan, which is updated annually, and the accepted residual risks.

The Managing Director and management team are jointly responsible for ensuring that risk management has been appropriately arranged. Responsibility management and the coordination of practical procedures are based on the company's normal management system. The CSC Management Group is responsible for internal monitoring, i.e. control and operational processes applied to ensuring that we operate legally and profitably and report our financial status and activities in a reliable manner. The controller, acting in cooperation with the rest of the management and the auditor, is responsible for internal auditing.

Implementation of the various areas of social responsibility is included in the daily tasks of every CSC employee. Indicators promoting responsibility are used as the basis for rewarding the entire staff.

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