Customer register information

Customer register:

Personal Data Act (523/1999) section 10 

1. Register holder

CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd

P.O. Box 405 (Keilaranta 14), 02101 Espoo, Finland

Tel. +358 - (0)9 - 457 2821, Fax +358 - (0)9 - 457 2302

Business ID: 0920632-0

2. Name of the register CSC Customer Register
3. Purpose of the register Identification of the registered users of CSC services and mailings of CSC customer magazines.
4. Content of the register Customer's name, address, nationality, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, web site address, certificate, user account and usage information, ordered magazines, training courses attended, and general information about the customer's projects.
5. Sources  of information All personal information is given by the customer him/herself. The customer can access and update his/her contact information via CSC's extranet service (Scientist's Interface), which needs a user account and password. The customer can also update general information about his/her projects via extranet. CSC reservers the right to publish general project descriptions.

All closed user accounts as well as the corresponding customer information are removed from the register during the following calendar year. Magazine subscription information is removed immediately when the customer gives a notice of termination.
 6. Regular transfer of data and data transmissions outside EC and European Economic Area All customer info is for CSC use only. Data is not submitted or transferred to outside parties in any form.
7. Data protection principles of the register A. Manual data:
Customer data forms filled out by customers are kept in locked facilities.

B. Electronic data:
The server on which the customer register is maintained is properly protected from outsiders. Only the maintenance personnel has user rights  to the server.  Access is protected by a user name and password. All customer data can be accessed only by predefined persons (User Manager and Application Specialist of Customer Register). The CSC staff members have a right to update customer's contact information in the register.