Customer Training services

CSC offers versatile and high-quality training in scientific computing, data networking and data management. Get to know CSC's training portal.

We support Finnish universities, research institutes and government by offering intensive courses, workshops, and other events that cover topics ranging from bleeding-edge technologies, to widely used methods and other useful practical skills in IT.

Additionally CSC

  • supports university education by sharing training material
  • produces training content that can be incorporated into larger courses
  • maintains well-equipped training facilities, and
  • participates in European training collaborations and networks

Besides training events, CSC also participates in organising large international conferences in Finland and organises a variety of yearly meetings for various customer groups. Every year CSC organises almost 100 training and other events that reach thousands of customers, which have been very satisfied.

High-quality training portfolio

CSC organises yearly some 50-60 training events in the form of various courses, workshops, seminars etc. comprising in total over 100 training days a year. As lecturers and trainers in these events, we use leading experts from the fields of scientific computing, data networking, and data management — both from CSC and external organisations.

The aim of the training is to give imminent and significant benefits to researchers´ daily scientific work. The courses introduce to the efficient usage of the resources offered by CSC, inform the participants of newest technologies and methods, and promote national and international network-building among the scientists.

CSC has also been selected as one of the six PRACE Training Centres in Europe bringing world-class, top-quality training in scientific computing to Finland.

Training facilities

CSC offers its training facilities for outside use as permitted by its own use. In the computer classroom, it is also possible to use your own software depending on the requirements. If you are interested in renting our training facilities for your own use, please contact us (

Customised training

Courses in our training portfolio can be customised according to your needs. We organise workshops and courses in our own facilities as well as yours; for example university computer classrooms are usually a good place to organise an event. If needed CSC can also take care of setting up a remote connection for on-line participants. Customised training is offered at a case-by-case price.

Would you like know more about CSC's training services?

Please contact us and we will gladly tell you more.

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