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Delivering impact by boosting the strategic plan of Horizon Europe

Drafting of the strategic plan of Horizon Europe for the period of 2025-2027 is already starting, and together we must make sure that Horizon Europe delivers real impact, while keeping up with the environmental, geopolitical, technological, social and economic developments that have accelerated or changed course since the adoption of the current strategic plan.

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Molecular Dynamics, the most used method in CSC's environment

Molecular dynamics is one of the most used simulation techniques on CSC supercomputers. Typically, each atom is modelled separately to build molecules or materials – the physical system that the researcher is interested in – and then physics is set in motion to see what happens.

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HPC-Europa3 project enabling cooperation and program development for glaciological community

During the recent years the Horizon 2020 project HPC-Europa3 has been one of the main pillars in a continuous cooperation between the Elmer development team at CSC and groups all over Europe. And this even through the stormy waters of a global pandemic. 

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Language technology is essential for the survival of small languages – researchers using supercomputers to develop Finnish language models

Assistant Professors Sampo Pyysalo and Filip Ginter from the University of Turku’s Department of Information Technology, Finland are part of the TurkuNLP (Natural Language Processing) research group, which will be among the first research groups to test out the GPU partition of the LUMI supercomputer.

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