null Position Paper on the European Green Deal

CSC emphasises that the strong connection between the EU’s digital priorities and the Green Deal must be acknowledged and developed further. Digitalisation, datafication and AI as phenomena are some of the key contributors to the objectives of the Green Deal.

In order to achieve the targets of the Green Deal, sufficient funding for digitalisation and innovation must be secured in the EU budget. The funding levels of Horizon Europe, Digital Europe, CEF2 Digital and Erasmus+ programmes should be at least as close to the Commission’s original May 2018 MFF proposal as possible.

High-performance computing (HPC), data management, AI and connectivity networks must be developed in convergence to create synergetic ecosystems that support climate research and innovation.

Data policies such as FAIR principles and interoperability, must be promoted and data’s movement across borders and sectors must be enabled.

Digital skills are crucial for Europe’s ability to create new innovations. The EU needs urgent investments in broad skills and competence development across all sectors and levels, including teachers and trainers.

In decisions regarding placement of data centers, smart specialisation strategies and incentives for environmental sustainability and carbon-neutrality must be applied, to ensure cost-efficiency at European level, as well as contributing to the targets of the Green Deal.

The entire position paper can be found here.