A new network for organizations data support staff has been launched!

A new network for organizations' data support staff has been launched!

The CSC Data Support Network has been established to create a link between CSC and the Finnish data support of research organizations. Through the network, CSC communicates current issues, e.g. related to service development and training. CSC wants to support organizations by producing training material on data management,  CSC's services and their use for everyone to exploit. The network seeks to open an easy conversational connection between data experts from different organizations, creating an opportunity for peer support and asking questions at a low threshold.

Through the network, we hope to receive feedback on the use of CSC's services and wishes, for example about training materials and the content of future training. In addition to the mailing list, an important communication channel will be a discussion forum through which you can reach colleagues all over Finland quickly and informally. Furthermore, data coffees will be organized once a month online, which are already familiar to many of you.

How to join the network?

Become part of the network by joining the mailing list and logging in to the discussion forum with eDuuniID.

We will share the material bank link both via email and discussion forum. Training material is available in both Finnish and English.

Requests regarding the network and material can be sent directly to siiri.fuchs@csc.fi or discussed at the forum and data coffees! Welcome onboard!