null Allas, a modern way to data management for researchers

CSC's new common data management solution Allas has been opened for researchers' use. Allas is part of CSC's new data management and computing environment and it will serve for both CSC's new and old infrastructure.

Data management system Allas. Photo: Mikael Kanerva, CSC.

Allas provides a rich environment for storing, sharing and analyzing data across the CSC compute infrastructure. Allas provides 12 PB of storage capacity and it is based on CEPH object storage technology. Object storage is one of the most sought after features in modern data storage. Today, virtually all large amounts of data are stored using object storage technology.

– The new data management system Allas will revolutionize scientific data management in Finland. Our clients have been asking for object storage and we are happy to be able to provide this, says Kalle Happonen, Development Manager at CSC.

By using object storage the users can access data over https and link directly to data. Data processing can be done using standard APIs from anywhere.

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