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Case Kajaani University of Applied Sciences: CSC’s cloud computing supports games development

A student at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences is working on a thesis on the utilisation of GPU computing in photogrammetry-based 3D modelling. Photogrammetry refers to creating 3D models from digital photographs and video image.

Kuva: ThinkStock

Taneli Rantaharju, Project Manager, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences says:

"This spring, one of our students became familiarised with the cPouta cloud environment provided by CSC and used it to run computations on the free version of a commercial photogrammetry software. At that time, we only had access to a limited free licence of the photogrammetry software, and the cPouta platform had no GPU capacity as yet. Later in the autumn, we started using the cPouta environment complemented with GPU capacity for computational photogrammetry."

In addition, Rantaharju mentions:

"Our aim is to speed up and improve the creation process of 3D models needed for games development. We also wish to build up knowledge of the application and the suitability of different computing environments for games development. The cloud services provided by CSC are ideal for this."