Customer Stories


Case Laurea: A secure platform solution for cooperation between organisations

The Eduuni platform, developed by CSC, allows users to operate with their own, existing user names and passwords when working with other organisations, while CSC's datacentre in Finland keeps their information secure.

Laurea University of Applied Sciences utilizes Eduuni as a collaboration tool in their internal and external projects.


Kimmo Pettinen, Director, ICT, Laurea University of Applied Sciences:

"Having a platform that enables us to handle data reliably together with our international partners was important to us. As a security audited platform, Eduuni offered a great solution for this."

Kirsi Hyttinen, Project Director, Laurea University of Applied Sciences:

"What we do within Laurea, we must also be able to do with our external partners. Documentation and discussions must be possible at any time, wherever we are. Eduuni enables us to operate in international networks. It is scalable as well as easy to manage and maintain."

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