Case Trafotek, SEMTEC project: CSC involved in developing modelling tools for industrial needs

Case Trafotek, SEMTEC project: CSC involved in developing modelling tools for industrial needs

Together with CSC, VTT, three universities and six companies from the electromechanical industry, Trafotek Oy participated in the SEMTEC project, whose mandate was to develop simulation tools for electromechanical problems. The project was carried out in close cooperation with research institutes and companies.


Eelis Takala, Lead Research Specialist, Trafotek:

"We joined the SEMTEC project to develop new computational model solutions for our products using the Elmer program, which is the core of our internal computing service. It does the heavy lifting in our multiphysical modelling. Elmer's biggest selling point is that it is modifiable and open: if it doesn't have a feature, you can buy or make one yourself."

Takala says that, thanks to the SEMTEC project, Trafotec is now able to automatically define tasks in the computing service to be calculated using a computer cluster. The results are automatically displayed on the network.

"I highly recommend Elmer and CSC to companies that need a multiphysical or physical modelling tool and aren't afraid to try something new - in other words, real entrepreneurs. We want to keep working together with CSC, because we have found the cooperation to be highly effective and fruitful."

Further information on Elmer:

CSC's proprietary Elmer program can be used to model just about any physical phenomena to be described by partial differential equations (PDEs). Elmer includes physical models of fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, electromagnetics and material transport. Its possible applications include technical engineering for industry and basic academic research. Elmer uses the Finite Element Method (FEM) and is based on an open source code.

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Further information on the SEMTEC project: