Funding source: H2020

Project duration: 1.1.2019 – 31.12.2022


What we are doing:

CINECA  aims to provide a standardized, secure and scalable discovery and analysis infrastructure for data collected from the national cohorts and disease collections. The CINECA consortium includes access to more than 1.4 million samples maintained by the biobank network in Europe, Africa and Canada. This project will share competence and provide tools for metadata standardization, federated data discovery and access to computation without need for moving the data across national borders. It will also address complex Ethical Legal and Societal Issues (ELSI) and data security requirements that span across the three continents leveraging environment for scientific impact.

CSC will contribute to CINECA by providing expertise in research identity and data authorization management and sensitive data management processes. The tasks are aligned with our existing contributions to the EOSC-Life, EXCELERATE, CORBEL as well as ELIXIR implementation studies. This project will have a significant impact for national research institutes and large projects such as FinnGen.