CSC’s statements and position papers gathered in one place

CSC's statements and position papers have now been collected in an easy to find place. CSC produces statements for e.g. government law proposals and various working group reports. CSC also responds to European Commission's public consultations when the issue in question is closely linked with CSC's field of operation. In addition, position papers are formulated for other national and EU level programs, such as the EU's upcoming research and innovation framework program.

– CSC actively seeks to participate in social debate and influence national and international operating preconditions that are highly significant for the company or our stakeholders. Boosting the competitiveness of Finnish research and education is a key objective in CSC's influencing efforts, says Programme Director Irina Kupiainen from CSC.

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During the last few months, especially data and questions regarding its utilization and re-use have been topical in CSC's statement work. In the beginning of 2017, the European Commission launched a public consultation on building a European data economy. CSC responded to the consultation and also produced a position paper on the subject. In its latest statement CSC presented its views on the national implementation of EU's general data protection regulation.

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Irina Kupiainen
Programme Director
CSC – IT Center for Science

The statements can be found here.