CSC’s Puhti ranked 232 on the latest supercomputer Top500 list

CSC's Puhti supercomputer ranked slightly lower on the latest biannual supercomputer top500 list. Puhti is now number 232 with performance of 1,7 petaflops. The maximum performance is measured by the Linpack Benchmark and Puhti's figure includes all CPU nodes but not GPU nodes.

The November 2019 top500 list of supercomputers was released today, 18 November, at the Supercomputing19 conference in Denver, USA.

The world's most powerful supercomputer is USA's Department of Energy / Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Summit supercomputer with 148,6 petaflops performance and Europe's fastest supercomputer is number six on the list: Swiss National Supercomputer Centre's (CSCS) Piz Daint with 21,6 petaflops.

CSC's Puhti is number 232 on the new top500 list of world's fastests supercomputers. Image: CSC / Mikael Kanerva.

CSC's former supercomputer Sisu, which was decommissioned last summer, remained on the top500 list throughout its life cycle. In the previous June 2019 list, Sisu was ranked 343 and Sisu's best rank on the list was 37th in November 2014.

The implementation of the CSC's next generation national computing and data management environment is underway. Supercomputer Puhti and data management environment Allas are already in researchers' use and supercomputer Mahti will be launched in April 2020. In autumn 2019, the fastest version of AMD's EPYC (Rome) processor (7H12 running at 2.6GHz) was released and they offer Mahti a theoretical peak performance of 7,5 Pflop/s. One Pflop/s equals to 1015 floating point operations per second.

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