null CSC’s Mahti ranked 47 on the latest supercomputer Top500 list

CSC’s Mahti ranked 47 on the latest supercomputer Top500 list

The flagship of CSC’s next generation computing environment, Mahti, rose to position 47 in the biannual supercomputer Top500 list with the maximum performance of 5,39 Petaflops. This is Mahti’s first appearance on the Top500 list. The June 2020 Top500 list was announced on Monday, June 22nd.

Panorama photo of  CSC's new Mahti supercomputer. Photo: Susanna Salminen, CSC

The world’s most powerful supercomputer is Fugaku in Japan, with 415,5 Petaflops of maximum performance and HPC5 in Italy was listed as the number one in Europe. Compared to European supercomputers, Mahti ranks 17. One Pflop/s equals to one thousand billion (10^15) floating point operations per second.

Mahti will be opened for pilot use in the beginning of July and all researchers in Finnish universities and research institutes will have access to Mahti in the early August. After Mahti general access, CSC's next generation data management and computing environment is complete.

Mahti will offer researchers one of the most advanced computing environments in Europe.

The interconnect network represents the latest technology and brings data up to the nodes at a speed of 200 Gbps (Gigabits per second). Mahti is one of the first supercomputers in the world with such a fast network. The interconnect network is supplied by Mellanox.

Mahti’s processors are the latest version of AMD EPYC (Rome) (7H12) with a clock frequency of 2.6 GHz and the total amount of compute cores is about 180 000. Mahti has almost 9 Petabytes of storage capacity.

The new data management and computing environment enhances e.g. drug design

Mahti is the robust supercomputer in the CSC’s environment for massive computing tasks. The computational power of Mahti can be used, for example, for drug design and extensive molecular dynamics simulations. Mahti can be used to model space weather and climate change. Mahti will also speed up the Finnish COVID-19 research. Mahti is the BullSequana XH2000 system manufactured by Atos.

Puhti is a general-purpose supercomputer launched in autumn 2019. Puhti is widely suitable for light and medium-heavy computing work. Puhti is the Atos BullSequana X400 system.
Puhti’s Artificial Intelligence partition Puhti-AI is a GPU-accelerated supercomputer and is best suited for artificial intelligence research and artificial intelligence applications. Machine learning is applied to solve a wide range of problems, and its use is expanding into several disciplines, such as life sciences and humanities.

The entire CSC computing environment is served by a common data management system, Allas. Allas is based on CEPH object storage technology and has a storage capacity of 12 Petabytes.

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31.8.2020 The rank 48 is corrected to 47.