null CSC statement to the Future Committee on establishing the Digital Europe Programme for 2021-2027

CSC supports the aims and ambitions of the proposed Digital Europe Programme.

In building HPC infrastructure CSC finds it important to co-operate on European level (for example through EuroHPC and PRACE), and new programmes should be built on the expertise already developed in the existing structures. In addition to European level action, Member States need to ensure national resources for HPC development.

In connection to AI, CSC wishes to remind about the importance of HPC when building AI. In the Digital Europe Programme proposal, the Commission proposes to create European data and algorithm libraries. Due to the borderless and ever-evolving nature of data and algorithms, CSC would see building European data hubs more appropriate than data or algorithm libraries.

CSC thinks that interoperability would need more attention in the programme proposal. European Interoperability Framework is mentioned in the Commission proposal but it should be integrated more tightly to the context.

CSC sees the strengthening of digital skills vital for the successful implementation of the programme. What should be added to the proposal, is more multidimensional analysis and indicators for the measuring of the results and for the definition of the means to achieve the targets of the programme.

In relation to indicators used to measure the success of the programme, CSC thinks that it would be necessary to add qualitative analysis and indicators to evaluate the implementation.

CSC supports the creation of proposed Digital Innovation Hubs. However, transparency should be emphasised in the selection process and clarity of selection criteria is vital. Member States authorities should be involved tightly in the process and coordinated action between Member States should be encouraged.