null Feedback on the legislative proposal for a decision on implementing Horizon Europe

CSC feedback on the legislative proposal for a decision on implementing Horizon Europe (06.08.2018)

  • CSC welcomes the principles of Open Science as the modus operandi of the programme: the fostering of open access to research data, the support of FAIR principles and the further development of EOSC.
  • More emphasis should be put on data interoperability and the training and skills development aspect of Open Science.
  • A stronger linkage is needed between pillar 1 "Open Science" and pillar 3 "Open Innovation", since innovations are ultimately based on achievements of basic research.
  • More funding should be allocated to Pillar 1 "Open Science", especially to RIs. Compared to H2020, the RI budget decreases 3%, although access to RIs has become even more important for both research and innovation, affecting the success of  the other pillars too. RIs are additionally becoming increasingly advanced and more expensive to develop.
  • It is encouraging that the international dimension of EU RIs is recognized, and that it will be based on excellence.
  • The possibility for RIs to become more engaged in addressing multi-layer interoperability issues should be better addressed.
  • The reasoning behind the division of the budget needs to be clearly stated.
  • It is positive that the European Innovation Council (EIC) aims to bridge the gap between research and commercialization. The meaning of EIC "bottom-up activities" needs a more precise definition.
  • Excellence should remain the key criterion for the selection and evaluation of missions. Citizens should not be involved in the choice of missions, but in the dissemination of the results and in enhancing citizen science. More transparency is needed on how the funding of the missions will be allocated.  

Read the full text feedback here (pdf).