Government Programme Objectives 2015-2019

Towards a competitive Finland: Computational science, open science, big data, datacenter ecosystems and e-infrastructures are the solutions.

In order to enhance Finland's competitiveness and to ensure the success of Finnish science, CSC – IT Center for Science suggests that the following targets are taken into consideration in the next government programme:

  1. Proceeding with the acquisition of the next supercomputer, widening the scope for high-performance computing
  2. Growth and employment by datacenter investments and datacenter ecosystems
  3. "Data is the new gold" – Data as the basic ingredient of digital industry
  4. More investments by developing information network connections
  5. Competitiveness of Finland must be considered when developing intelligence legislation
  6. Finland to be the model country of e-infrastructures
  7. Boosting Finland's growth by European RDI funding (updated 8.7.2015)

Publication available in Finnish: Hallitusohjelmatavoitteet 2015-2019 (PDF)

Additional Information:

Managing Director Kimmo Koski,
Senior specialist Irina Kupiainen,