Funding source: No funding, costs covered by the participating organizations

Duration of cooperation: Ongoing since 2007


What we're doing:

NordForum is an informal collaboration initiative between the national providers of Student Information Systems in four Nordic countries, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and the Netherlands. NordForum aims to share experiences, ideas and best practices and to identify possibilities for cooperation with long term as well as short term goals. Opportunities for cooperation are plenty as the situation in the member countries is fairly similar when it comes to legislation, structure of higher education and ways of organizing administration.

NordForum has its origin in EUNIS 2006 Congress in Tartu, with the first meeting of the network held in 2007. Since the founding, NordForum has organized annual meetings for the representatives and larger seminars for a wider audience every few years. The general theme in the meetings has in the past been how to make administration of student mobility easier. The outcomes from the group include benchmarking between comparable systems, creating a process mapping document for study administrative processes in the Nordic countries and a common glossary with translations to English and a mapping to European standards. NordForum is also the foundation for the EU-project EMREX with the goal of transferring credits between countries in student mobility.

CSC serves as a link between the Finnish Higher Education Institutions and their Nordic counterparts by actively disseminating information gained from international cooperation networks such as NordForum.

NordForum consists of representatives from:

  • CSC - IT Center for Science (Finland)
  • The OODI Consortium (Finland)
  • The Peppi Consortium (Finland)
  • Funidata Oy (Finland)
  • Danish Agency for Institutions and Educational Grants (Denmark)
  • DUO, Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (the Netherlands)
  • CERES – Nasjonalt senter for felles systemer og tjenester for forskning og studier (Norway)
  • The Ladok Consortium (Sweden)
  • Swedish Council for Higher Education, UHR (Sweden)