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Vipunen provides statistics of Finnish education

Education and research organisations require diverse statistical data to support business intelligence, operational management and planning. A comprehensive illustration of the Finnish education and research system is essential to research as well. Vipunen, the statistics service of the education administration, provides extensive, open statistics on education and research.

Vipunen contains traditional statistics databases on, for example, student selection, degrees as well as education organisations' economy and personnel. In addition, the extranet for higher education users contains daily reports on study attainments and research publications, among other things.

The Ministry of Education and Culture and the Finnish National Agency for Education are responsible for the content on Vipunen. CSC operates as the service provider and is also responsible for the technical realisation of certain data collection operations.

The statistics are based on the data and registers collected by Statistics Finland, the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Finnish National Agency for Education. National data collection, which is used as the knowledge base, has been automatized and the commensurability of data has been improved by centralising data acquisitions to national data resources. For example, a substantial part of the data on higher education is collected from the higher education achievement register and publication data service Virta.


- National information on education and research
- Enables international comparison
- Swift analysis of large amounts of data
- Extensive statistical data to support business intelligence


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