ORCID Consortium

The Finnish ORCID Consortium

ORCID provides a registry for persistent digital identifier (ORCID iD) for researchers. It is open, public, international and community based.

ORCID identifier personalises researchers and connects them to their research results and activities. ORCID iD allows maintaining the researcher's information in one place, and the researcher is in charge of the publicity and sharing of the information.

With the help of ORCID iD's the researchers and research organisations can be connected to other identifier systems, like those maintained by publishers and funders, and transfer information between closed research information systems. The ORCID iD is used in the national research.fi-service to distinguish researchers from each other.

CSC coordinates the national ORCID consortium which all Finnish research organisations can join.

Get in touch via orcid-info@csc.fi