null Progress in introducing ORCID researcher identifiers in Finland

The Ministry of Education and Culture is promoting the introduction of ORCID identifiers in Finland on a centralised basis through CSC - IT Center for Science. For example, CSC provides support to organisations that want to start using the identifiers. A national cooperation group has been established to promote ORCID introduction, and all interested parties can join. CSC is also coordinating Finnish ORCID consortium membership and is looking for interested organisations.

ORCID ( ) offers researchers a unique identifier in the form of a numerical sequence. It helps researchers identify their work and improves its national and international visibility. ORCID identifiers are linked to a variety of services and systems that assist researchers by transferring information automatically and more quickly. About 1.7 million of the world's researchers have already created an identifier, and ORCID use is becoming increasingly commonplace.

Many countries have already started using ORCID as a national-level ID for researchers. For example, the identifiers have already been widely adopted in Portugal and Italy in connection with a national research assessment exercise. Denmark, Italy, Australia and the UK have acquired, or are in the process of acquiring, national ORCID consortium membership. Many research funders (such as WellcomeTrust in the UK and Vetenskaprådet in Sweden) require all funding applicants to have an ORCID identifier.

Organisation and national cooperation

CSC is generating awareness and promoting the introduction of ORCID identifiers by providing information to higher education institutions, other research institutes and service providers, and by supporting organisations that want to link their systems and processes to ORCID. CSC and the ORCID organisation are piloting a national section of the website for researchers and organisations operating in Finland. Finnish organisations will be able to access communications materials in Finnish, Swedish and English.

ORCID consortium membership

CSC has applied for ORCID membership. The next step is consortium membership, which is open to all interested organisations. Each organisation in the consortium pays its own membership fees (USD 5,000–6,000 per annum depending on the number of member institutions). Towards the end of the year, CSC will be contacting institutions of higher education, other research institutes and service providers to ask whether they are interested in joining the consortium. 

National cooperation group launched

A national cooperation group has been launched to promote and support the introduction of ORCID identifiers in Finland. It operates under the umbrella of the Research Services and Administration Network (TUHA). The team is chaired by Aija Kaitera from the University of Helsinki, and CSC's Anne Björklund is Secretary. The team's tasks include

  • sharing experiences of introducing ORCID identifiers
  • discussing issues relating to ORCID group membership and developing integration services
  • providing information on national and international ORCID trends.

All interested parties may join the working group (registration form). The group's first meeting will be held on 10 December 2015 at 9–11 am.

National integration service

CSC is implementing a national integration service that will enable researchers to link their ORCID identifier to their HAKA user ID. During the first phase, 2–3 organisations will be chosen to pilot the service starting in early 2016.

Further information and contacts

  • Email:
  • CSC contact persons:
    • Tuija Raaska, Development Manager, CSC,, +358 (0)50 3819516
    • Hanna-Mari Puuska, Project Manager, CSC,, +358 (0)50 381 8568
    • Anne Björklund, Coordinator, CSC,, +358 (0)50 381 9500



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ORCID is founded on interoperability with multiple systems and institutions. ORCID allows you to link with other identifier systems, including those maintained by funders and publishers, and exchange data freely with those research information systems. Registration is free and fast for all researchers and scholars. ORCID, an independent­ not-for-profit, organization designed to benefit all stakeholders, is unique in its ability to reach across disciplines, research sectors, and national boundaries. The ability to connect research and researchers enhances the scientific discovery process and improves the efficiency of research funding and collaboration. ORCID is engaging with all sectors of the research community to realize this vision.