null Performance problem in CSC' s storage systems - the system is operating normally


There was an unexpected performance problem in our disk system yesterday, Monday, December 7, from approximately 8:34 pm to 11:00 pm, caused by maintenance work, which had a large impact on the operation of CSC's server environment.

Due to a malfunction, multiple servers that used the disk system were shut down, causing a service outage for several services. The recovery was launched immediately on Monday night, and has progressed rapidly.

With the exception of individual servers, the services have been successfully restored to normal operation. The payment system itself has been operating normally since Monday night first. More detailed information has been made on a service-by-service basis.

Based on the service deviation, CSC plans and modifies corrective actions to avoid a similar problem situation in the future. Follow-up measures are communicated on a customer- and service-specific basis.

We apologize for the problem.

For inquiries the customers can approach their contact persons at CSC or CSC Customer Service.